Churn Prevention Master Guide

You don’t stop churn, you prevent it

This master guide helps you identify:

  • the main reasons for churn
  • algorithms / tools for predicting churn and how to use them
  • automations that you can implement to increase engagement and prevent churn.

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What growth experts said about this book

Aaron Krall

Aaron Krall

- SaaS Coach / SaaS Growth Hacks community owner -

Using Claudiu’s advice, I’ve seen conversions double and triple in the first few months for my clients.

Sam Hurley

Sam Hurley

- Managing Director of OPTIM-EYEZ -

This actionable eBook is all about getting your hands dirty and grabbing the bull by its horns — right now.


  1. Claudiu was featured in: Entrepreneur, Inc, Moz, etc.
  2. Leads the data team at InnerTrends, implementing dedicated subscription businesses data science algorithms.
  3. Trusted by SaaS companies like, 2Checkout, BitDefender, Swydo, Woodpecker and enterprises like Poppulo, Orange and Avon.


Time to say STOP to Churn.

  • What is churn and what are its major causes?8
  • Activity churn is more important than revenue churn10
  • The impact of activity churn on your business12
  • The main intrinsic reasons for churn14
  • Problem: Not the right customers16
  • Solution: Don’t over-promise. Target the right customers for your product.16
  • Problem: Churn is often an onboarding issue20
  • 1st solution: Measure churn correctly: report churn to onboarded users only!21
  • 2nd solution: Optimize the onboarding process to better suit your users needs25
  • Problem: Plummeting retention curve35
  • 1st solution: Make sure you have a high retention during the first week35
  • 2nd solution: Stabilize retention as soon as possible after the first week37
  • Problem: People pay before getting value40
  • Solution: Target the people who paid but haven’t finished the onboarding40
  • Problem: No-engagement and low-engagement users are very likely to churn42
  • Solution: Predict churn risk and target the vulnerable users43
  • Conclusion63