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Popular questions:

What are the actions that make the difference between converting and churning?

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What is the end-to-end performance of my AdWords campaigns?

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Which emails influence users to finish the onboarding process?

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I get answers to the most important questions and determine far more effective strategies to act upon.

Trevor Hatfield

Trevor Hatfield
CEO, Inturact

Managed Setup

No more missing events. No more inaccurate data.

The setup is fully managed by InnerTrends. We take care of the integration, tracking and most importantly, data validation.

Measure what matters

Add context to your data.

The InnerTrends data science algorithms are aware of the context of your business.

Personalized insights into the specifics of your business allow you to take action right away.

Identify opportunities

Find them in days, not months.

Our algorithms enable deep instant insights into the whole customer lifecycle journey, from acquisition to onboarding, retention and engagement.

Track, Measure and Take Action

Connect your data sources, get actionable insights and enrich your marketing automation.

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