Expose customer behavior patterns and optimize the lifetime value of your customers

Ready-to-use questions with actionable answers straight from our data scientists

Customer Engagement Insights

InnerTrends applies data science and machine learning algorithms to your data to provide instant answers for your important business questions.

Find deep insights about every aspect of your customer's journey:


Find the marketing channels that drive higher customer engagement

Marketing attribution algorithms uncover the channels that drive high value and long lasting customers.

Get instant answers to questions like:

  • Which marketing channels drive user engagement?
  • How often do users visit the website before creating an account?
  • + many more



Expose the impact of user activation on customer engagement

Only an onboarded user can turn into an engaged customer. Find out the actions that prevent users from finishing the onboarding process.

Get instant answers to questions like:

  • How are users converting during the onboarding process?
  • Which actions have a significant impact on user drop off?
  • + many more



Find the difference in behavior between the users that return and those that churn

Identify the user actions that are specific to loyal customers and are not experienced by the ones that churn.

Get instant answers to questions like:

  • How many of the onboarded users return to my app?
  • What is the difference of activity between the users that return and those that churn in the first week?
  • + many more



Find the shortest path to profit

Every team member depends on the financial performance of your company. Let them master it.

Get instant answers to questions like:

  • How does live chat influence the users’ first payment?
  • What is the difference of activity between the free trials that upgrade and those that don't?
  • + many more


Get down to User Level

Whenever you find an optimization oportunity, check Who are the users that... and personalize their experience.

Segments and Cohorts

You can segment each question in a way that every member of your team will understand and find it easy to use.

Find the bussiness answers that your company is craving for

Classic Analytics Services


1. Set up the tracking of your app

The tracking setup of your app is done by your dev team which most often don't have an analytics background.

Their vision is primarily technical, not business-oriented, which usually generates a gap in data interpretation.

Our team of specialists, who are trained in data science and tracking technologies, will manage your tracking setup free of charge.

All your data needs will be covered and mis-interpretations are avoided.

2. Store Data

Data is locked in your analytics service giving you little or no access to your raw data requests.

In many cases these tools own your data.

InnerTrends stores data in raw format using publicly available technology, giving you full access to it.

You are the sole owner of your data, giving us a licence to process it in order to get the insights you request.

3. Validate Data

Data validation is often overlooked. It is up to you and your dev team to maintain valid data.

InnerTrends works together with your team to uncover any data validation issues.

We develop and maintain a set of dedicated tools to maintain a high accuracy and precision of the collected data.

4. Get Insights

Classic analytics services give you access to data, and data alone only gives you information, not insights.

Insights come from algorithms applied to that data. To develop and apply algorithms you will need to work with a data science team.

To gain insights, you simply click the question you want answered.

Behind every questions there is a data science or machine learning algorithm designed to uncover patterns that are not visible to the naked eye.

Happy customers :)

With InnerTrends, we have been able to quickly identify the steps in the onboarding flow with the highest optimization potential and we increased the onboarding rate to 65% in just two weeks.

Bogdan Aron,Chief Product Officer @ 2performant