InnerTrends Success Story:

2performant Sees Onboarding Rate Increase to 65%
with InnerTrends

  • 2performant
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • B2B
  • Needed a scalable onboarding optimization solution
  • Onboarding Optimization with InnerTrends
  • 22% increase in the onboarding rate, from 53% to 65%.


2Performant is a leading regional affiliate marketing network which brings together 54,000+ affiliates and 500+ advertisers. As a growing company, they needed to optimize affiliate onboarding in order to improve internal efficiency and reduce affiliate acquisition cost. The product team had carried out a manual, resource intensive optimization project that couldn’t scale.

2Performant turned to InnerTrends to help them automate the optimization process and speed up the project.

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Download 2Performant’s success story to learn how InnerTrends helped them to:

  • Increase onboarding rate from 53% to 65%
  • Use internal resources efficiently

“With InnerTrends, we have been able to quickly identify the steps in the onboarding flow with the highest optimization potential and we increased the onboarding rate to 65% in just two weeks,”
Bogdan Aron, Chief Product Officer, 2Performant